Crocodile Hunter’s Australia Zoo Drops Its First NFT Collection


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Australia Zoo, announced today, June 6, that it is all set to drop its first NFT collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its “Wildlife Warriors” project. The NFTs were created in partnership with Australian startup, Meadow Labs and carbon-negative blockchain, Algorand. For the uninitiated, Australia Zoo is famous for “The Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin. 

So, let’s dive right in: What is Australia Zoo’s NFT collection and how can you get an NFT from the collection?

Australia Zoo workers holding a Koala
Australia Zoo will drop its first NFT collection this month. Credit: Australia Zoo

What is Australia Zoo’s NFT Collection All About?

The first Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors NFT collection will feature the Australian “Warrior Croc” Saltwater Crocodile. It takes inspiration from Steve Irwin, who was called “The Crocodile Hunter” for his love and passion for the species. 

The collection constitutes 2,000 randomly generated unique NFTs. What’s more, some will even feature Irwin family attributes! Each NFT will cost AUD$50, making it accessible and affordable for anyone who is interested. The drop will go live at 7 pm AEST on 14 June 2022.

“We are thrilled to be launching the first series of Wildlife Warriors NFTs to support our conservation projects across Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors,” said Robert Irwin of Australia Zoo. “We are continuing Dad’s legacy of achieving a world where wildlife and humans can live harmoniously alongside each other, and it is brilliant to be able to use the world’s first carbon negative blockchain to further support our important mission.”

All NFT Sales Proceeds Will Support Australia Zoo’s Conservation Projects

Australia Zoo’s first NFT collection is more than just an average NFT project. In fact, Warrior Croc NFT holders will be supporting the zoo and Wildlife Warriors’ conservation and sustainability efforts. In fact, the complete proceeds from the primary NFT sales will go towards various conservation projects and initiatives.

For instance, the proceeds will help adding more tools to the zoo’s sustainable practices, including turning its shuttles green. Furthermore, it will help tagging and tracking five crocodiles in the Wenlock River. Besides, the proceeds will also support the purchase of supplies and staff needed to care for kangaroo joeys and other baby marsupials.

And that’s not all! The NFTs in themselves come with several other utilities. To illustrate, holders will have access to a dedicated Discord server. You can also expect special rewards, competitions, and other secret perks. 

Moreover, the Warrior Croc NFT drop is the first of a five-part animal collectible series from Australia Zoom. Only those who hold an NFT from the first four drops will be able to buy NFTs from the fifth drop.

Australia Zoo NFT webpage
You can mint the NFTs on the official webpage.

How to Buy the NFTs

Once the NFT drop goes live, you can buy the NFTs on Australia Zoo’s NFT website. Here are the steps to get your own Wildlife Warriors NFT:

  1. First, set up an Algorand wallet. 
  2. Purchase the needed amount of $ALGO from an exchange.
  3. Connect the Algorand wallet by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right of the Australia Zoo NFT webpage.
  4. Buy the NFT you want.

NFTs have paved the way for several animal welfare organisations to raise funds for their many projects and goals. Previously, WWF Germany had dropped its first NFT collection to save endangered species. The Australia Zoo is the latest to follow on WWF’s footsteps with its own NFT collection.

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