Meta Announces NFT Integration For The US…But It Will KYC Your Wallet


Instagram and Facebook users from the US can now share their NFTs thanks to the latest integration, Meta confirmed in a statement. In fact, creators can also cross-post their digital assets on both platforms with a single click. However, you must connect your digital wallet first, which means Meta will know the exact owner of a digital wallet. Now, the NFT community is debating one question: is this worth the price?

image of Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg during a press conference
Meta has just announced its Facebook & Instagram NFT integration is now available for US users too – but some collectors aren’t pleased.

What does Meta’s US NFT integration mean?

This week, Meta announced that US-based users will be able to share their NFTs via Facebook and Instagram. The digital assets will be displayed as normal posts with a “Digital collectibles” button at the bottom. The apps will also show the NFT’s name and a short description from the creator.

Accordingly, the feature is only available on the latest versions of Instagram and Facebook apps. The news comes as Instagram has expanded its NFT support features to over 100 countries.

screenshots from the Meta NFT integration via Instagram
Users can coss-post their collectibles on both Instagram and Facebook.Credit: Meta

How can you share NFTs via Facebook on Instagram?

The first step in order to share NFTs on social media is to open your Instagram or Facebook app. Next, you must connect your digital wallet. MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Dapper Wallet, and more are all compatible with the feature.

Once you connect your wallet, you can see all of your NFTs via the Instagram or Facebook app. You can select an NFT to share, add a caption, and simply hit the “Publish” button.

All in all, Meta’s new NFT integration is a piece of cake. However, the NFT community is anything but excited about it – here’s why:

Meta’s latest NFT integration for Facebook and Instagram users left many NFT community members feeling suspicious. Credit: FreePik

The main issue is that users must connect their digital wallets to the Facebook and Instagram apps. This process basically reveals your anonymous wallet’s identity using social media data.

“If you connect your wallet they literally link your anonymous wallet to an identity (KYC) and get your entire crypto transaction history,” Twitter user @cryptomanran pointed out.

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Many NFT community members agree with the statement. Meanwhile, others came up with a solution: to use a burner wallet. To clarify, burner wallets work just as any other digital wallet, except they’re temporary – not permanent. These wallets are different from your main wallet, and you can use them to mint NFTs or make other transactions.

To conclude, US users have mixed opinions about Meta’s NFT integration so far. Nevertheless, many collectors have already been sharing their collectibles via Facebook & Instagram. As Meta’s venture into the Web3 world continues, we can only explore the new features and see what the future has to offer!


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