Inside The Singapore Champ Medici Lounge


Cordell Broadus — Snoop Dogg’s son, partnered with Gushcloud and took Champ Medici Lounge down to Asia. In addition to that, Broadus is a top crypto entrepreneur who owns the Champ Medici NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Collection

Corelli Broadus and Steve Aoki
Cordell Broadus and Steve Aoki at Singapore Champ Medici Lounge

So it seems the Champ Medici Lounge was a five-day event that ran alongside other big events in Singapore, including Token 2049. Surprisingly, Token 2049 — the top crypto event  — had invited Cordell Broadus to speak about Champ Medici Lounge. How do you think Champ Medici Lounge in Singapore played out?

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The Run Down Of Cordell Broadus’ Champ Medici Lounge In Singapore

Cordell Broadus aimed to bring together the best Web3 founders, creators, creatives, and investors through the Singapore Champ Medici Lounge. So as to make it a success, he worked with Gushcloud International — a technology-driven media company based in Singapore. Alongside, Broadus partnered with brands such as Bixin Ventures and BCA Gallery, among others.

More importantly, Broadus invited top crypto investors like Russell Simmons and Steve Aoki — DJ and record producer. During the event, Broadus and Simmons told the attendees of their journey from music to being Web3 investors.

Corelli Broadus and Russell Simmons
Cordell Broadus And Russell Simmons at Singapore Champ Medici Lounge

From September 28 to October 2, it seems NFT and crypto enthusiasts in Singapore had the most fun. Aside from Champ Medici Lounge, two crypto events held concurrently in Singapore, including Token 2049 and Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022

Furthermore, Broadus spoke at Token 2049, expressing that the Champ Medici Lounge in Singapore was a success. Just like Broadus, Althea Lim — CEO  and Co-Founder of  Gushcloud, also spoke about how the Medici Lounge turned into a networking event. And that he got valuable insights from Broadus and the other Web3 shakers.

The Champ Medici Lounge
The Champ Medici Lounge In Singapore

More On Cordell Broadus And Champ Medici Lounge

Seemingly, it is not the first time Broadus hosted the Champ Medici Lounge. He already toured America with events at Coachella Weekend (April) and NFT NYC week (June). Admittedly at the Token 2049 event, he said he could not wait to bring Champ Medici Lounge to the world’s biggest events. Meaning there is more to come from Cordell Broadus and the Champ Medici Lounge.


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