71-year-old scammed into depositing $30k into foreign Bitcoin account


DUNDEE, Michigan (WTVG) – Internet scams can happen anywhere, even in a small town.

Police in Dundee, MI, say a 71-year-old man recently fell victim to a con that’s making the rounds in our area. It started with a pop-up on the internet claiming to be from the man’s bank. The message gave him a number to call.

The scammer then told the man his bank account was hacked, and that he needed to transfer out his money and convert it to Bitcoin to keep it safe.

“So, he was asked to get out $15,000 two days in a row to basically empty out his savings account. He followed directions to go to a bitcoin machine in Dearborn, MI, where he deposited money over two days, and he was even warned by the scammer, ‘If the bank asks you what you’re doing, tell them you’re making some home repairs.’ Because they’re telling him that a bank employee is actually involved with the hacking of his information,” explained Acting Dundee Police Chief Lieutenant Randy Sehl.

Lt. Sehl said once that money was deposited in the foreign account, it was converted into digital currency. That made the cash in the machine obsolete and off-limits.

“We asked why we couldn’t get the money out of the machine. Actually, that’s just an avenue for the money to go across seas. It’s all electronically transferred once it’s put in there. It’s not really the machine or the owner of the machine’s responsibility for that because the crime had already happened. So, we’re working all avenues to try to get the money back, but it’s not looking good right now,” said Lt. Sehl.

Dundee Police are working with Homeland Security and the F.B.I. on the case. Meantime, they’re spreading the word so no one else falls victim.

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