The crypto market has experienced rapid movements in prices with many projects hitting previous ATHs and many more a few cents away. The perk of crypto projects in Q4 is the interoperability technology and the need to bridge to other networks thereby leading to the availability of tokens to a wider community across the chains. One of the projects embracing this technology is PopTown.

Yield Farming

Poptown is a DeFi project that provides partnership validation for a variety of crypto projects. POP! achieves this use case by establishing mutual trust agreements by locking their tokens in a trustless mutual liquidity pool (MLP) to ensure trust and sustenance of projects in partnership.

Liquidity Mining Passive Income

Participants in the MLPs stand to get rewards from participating in the MLPs. The TVL in DeFi has grown over 10x in a year with lots of developments ongoing. The next wave in DeFi is crosschain technology which is in high demand as many projects have bridged to other networks. PoPt0wn seeing this drive, partners with allianceblock on its quest to go MultiChain. The benefits of bridging to other networks are as follows. Expansive community reach, Beneficial user experience, and more affordable costs. POP’s goal for going MultiChain is to bring the other platform’s user base into the project while offering them maximum earning opportunities from the project’s use case.

Altseason cryptocurrencies

PoPtown pools are now sustainable with the introduction of a rebalancing mechanism to mitigate impermanent loss.

Crypto Alts

This post is based on this twitter thread and originally posted from Cryptos.Blue.


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